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Making it Count: The U.S. Census 2010

Woodpile Studios was contracted by Allied Media Corp. to produce over 300 ads in six different languages, aiming to reach specific ethnic groups in their native languages. The goal of the campaign was to educate and inform citizens about the importance of the 2010 Census.

We worked closely with Producer Ross Stansfield and Sharpe+Harrell Photography to establish distinct portraits under the creative direction of Karim Lounes of Allied Media, who relied on us to deliver an extensive and consistent body of work in a very limited window of time.

The campaign rollout consisted of four parts: awareness, motivation, confidentiality, and follow-up. For each wave, ads of myriad shapes and sizes were provided to ethnic newspapers and magazines; and billboards and banners were installed in strategic locations in Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York City.

US Census

US CensusUS CensusUS CensusUS Census