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Tell 2 Million Friends

Ready or not, it’s the 21st century and things are beginning to disappear. Phone books, newspapers, publications, but also hurdles. Connecting with new audiences comes with much lower cost. The path of least resistance is channeling more and more attention online. Advancements in coding techniques, site functionality, and exposure through social networking are exploding public involvement, rapidly bringing about changes to solve problems for organizations in information access and outreach capability more than ever before. Whether a company of 1 or 1,000, your website can have more power to deliver and today’s visitors expect you to be prepared.

Unlike an arsenal of usefully-informative and brand-conveying print, a website can also be a workhorse, a salesperson, an oracle, a scout and a library all in the same day. Your site can promote your brand and tell your story, yet it can also interact and capture and manage opportunity with economy and efficiency. In order to do so though, it must be up to date in every way. Team Woodpile enables this not only through custom-crafted interface design, but also employs proven, world-class technological resources for any level of need in function and client-content control, from the simplest to the most complex. Your goals are the map, and our vehicles get you there.