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A Window into 15 Years of Award-Winning Creative + Project Management


We’ve made it simple, putting it all together in an easy-to-find visual online system with carefully coordinated brand motif, color, typography and feel. Effects such as motion and transitions are included only as needed for momentary accent and not for needless distraction, and executed using responsive languages such as Java, JQuery and HTML5. As well, everything shown is managed and updated real-time through the highly-trusted Drupal Content Management System. A great deal of visual information is available without an overwhelming experience, which is the recommend method for clients every time.

The process starts with strategy, reasoning and research which all drive creative impact. The brand mark and elements of graphic standards such as color, typography and proper applications are the launch point. From that base grow the main branches of visual brand identity such as print collateral, web activity, packaging, motion media, advertising and environmental displays. Woodpile illuminates identities, manages highly-complex efforts and generate significant results in these areas, at any level for any industry. We’re always ready, and wishing you were here.